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Goodman GPD1436080M41 3 Ton Cooling and Heating Dual Fuel Package Unit

Goodman Goodman
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  • Description

    An HVAC package unit is an all-in-one solution. Often they are used in smaller or single story homes, condos or office spaces that may not necessarily have space for the separate components required for a typical central air and heating system. A package unit combines your heating and cooling needs all into a single system. Several variations of package units are available to meet your needs. These include:
    • Air Conditioners: A cooling solution with an optional electric heater kit available. This type is typically used in southern regions of the country where winter weather tends to be a bit milder than other regions.
    • Air Conditioner with Heat Pump: A complete heat and cool system that can take care of all of your comfort needs, year-round. An optional electric heater kit may be available
    • Gas/Electric Package Units: This is a complete all-weather unit. It features an electric air conditioner and a gas heater. This type of package system will keep you cool all summer and warm all winter. Standard is natural gas but an LP conversion kit can be purchased for easy conversion.
    • Dual Fuel: Also known as a hybrid unit, this unit includes the air conditioner to cool in the summer while providing you with heat in the spring and fall through the use of a heat pump. Similar to a Gas/Electric unit, as the temperatures get colder in the winter, you also get gas heat. In this case, the system can be used with either natural gas or liquid propane without an additional conversion kit.

    All variations of the package unit offer great options that replace your furnace, coil and blower or air handler. This self-contained system is installed outdoors, either right outside your home or on the roof and connects directly to the ducts. Many units feature both horizontal and downflow airflow. You must be sure of your installation requirements with regard to airflow direction. Constructed with high quality UV resistant powder paint finish, it will withstand the ever changing outdoor climate, protecting it against corrosion.

    The GPG1436080M41 is a Dual Fuel Package Unit. A dual fuel system is the best of both worlds. It is a 34000 BTU / 3 Ton Packaged Cooling Unit with a Heat Pump and Gas Heat. The gas heat on this system offers 80000 / 65000 BTUs high-fire input / output. The low-fire input / output on this system is 60000 / 49000 BTUs. Although the initial outlay for a dual fuel system may be higher, it will save you money in the long run. The system itself determines whether it is more cost-efficient to run the heat pump (with electricity) or to heat with natural gas. The system will provide heat when its cold and cool air when its hot. With a dual fuel package unit you will be comfortable year round. It features a multi-speed EEM blower motor for quiet, energy efficient system from the minute it goes on until it shuts off. The evaporator coil is a single metal all-aluminum coil designed for better durability and performance. The tubular heat exchanger is manufactured from durable, corrosion-resistant aluminized steel. It also has a two-stage gas valve that is easily convertible to liquid propane.

    The GPG14M features a fully insulated cabinet, finished with a high quality UV-resistant powder-paint finish. The unit itself complies with California 40ng/Low/NOx standards. When properly anchored, the GPG14M gas/electric package units meet 2010 Florida Building Code unit integrity requirements for hurricane-type winds. (Anchor Bracket Kits are available separately.)

    Looking for a qualified installer? Allow Preferred Contractor to help. Preferred Contractor has a nationwide network of trained air conditioner installers. Click here to fill out the form and get started. An HVAC expert will contact you to learn about your needs and get a quote for you whether you have already purchased the equipment or are just starting to research.

  • Tech Specs

    Operating Mode
    Cooling / Gas Heat / Heat Pump
    Energy Source
    Dual Fuel
    Cooling BTUs
    Cooling Capacity (Tonnage)
    3 Tons
    Heat Pump BTUs
    Heating BTUs (Input/Low Fire)
    Heating BTUs (Ouput/Low Fire)
    Heating BTUs (Input/High Fire)
    Heating BTUs (Output/High Fire)
    Heat Kit Available
    Energy Star
    AFUE Efficiency
    Air Flow Application
    Horizontal and Downflow Application
    Compressor Stages
    Single Stage
    Blower Type
    Multi-Speed EEM
    Noise Level (dBA)
    Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
    Height (in.)
    34.75 "
    Width (in.)
    47 "
    Depth (in.)
    51 "
    Chassis Size
    Parts Warranty
    10 Years
    Labor Warranty
    Heat Exchanger Warranty
    20 Years
    Warranty Detail
    To receive the 20 Year Heat Exchanger and 10 Year Parts Limited Warranties, online registration must be completed within 60 days of installation.
    Net Weight (lbs.)
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