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Friedrich VHA24K Vert-I-Pak 24000 BTU Class Single Vertical Packaged Air System with Heat Pump (VTAC)

Friedrich Friedrich
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  • Description

    Give your property a more homelike appearance with a Vert-I-Pak Vertical Packaged Air System - a simpler way to condition multiple rooms. Vert-I-Pak fits neatly into a typical mechanical closet, so you can create indoor living spaces that are more versatile. Since the system fits into a closet with an outside wall, guests and tenants will enjoy a quieter, visually appealing living space, without giving up individual, in-room temperature control or access to windows. Even quieter operating sound levels may be achieved by insulating the closet. In keeping with quieter operational sound levels, the Friedrich VTAC units fit into a wall plenum and a gasket seals it to the chassis plus extra thick rubber grommets help to reduce vibration noise.

    The VHA24K features 22800 BTUs of cooling comfort and 20000 BTUs of heat from the heat pump. With 22800 BTUs you can cool a large room that is about 1200 sq. ft. or about 35' x 35'.

    With a vertical packaged air system you get several installation possibilities:
    • A Simpler Way to Condition Multiple Rooms - A single unit may be ducted for flexible zone cooling in multiple rooms.
    • Installs as easily as a PTAC - All units are pre-wired, charged and piped, so only electrical hook up is needed to be up and running.
    • A Better System Inside and Out - Ideal for extended stay properties, suites, assisted living facilities and student housing. A Friedrich vertical system is also compatible with wired and wireless energy management systems.
    The Friedrich VHA24 Vert-I-Pak System has several choices of electric back-up heat available. Please make your choice above when placing your order.
    • 2.5 Kw Electric Heat: VHA24K25RTL
    • 3.4 Kw Electric Heat: VHA24K34RTL
    • 5.0 Kw Electric Heat: VHA24K50RTL
    • 7.5 Kw Electric Heat: VHA24K75RTL
    • 10.0 Kw Electric Heat: VHA24K10RTL
    Features of the Vert-I-Pak include:
    • R-410A refrigerant
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Unique free-floating chassis
    • 10” crimped and beaded duct-collar ready to attach flex-duct
    • Easy to connect right, left or rear drain connection
    • Corrosion resistant interior
    • Easy to install front, left or right hand into closet on an outside wall (Does not require an HVAC technician)
    • Remote thermostat ready; 24V transformer
    • Standard safety power disconnect
    • Electronic control panel on unit for easy diagnostics and servicing
    • Architectural louver, single stage thermostats (WRT1) and (RT6) and return air grilles and (VPRG4) are available separately
    • Architectural louvers are required and available in standard extruded aluminum (VPAL2) or as a custom color option requiring special handling (VPSC2)
    • Eliminates the clutter of split systems and the need for multiple PTACs
    • No refrigerant lines running from floor to floor
    • A Drain Pan Heater (VPDP1) is required for this item.

  • Tech Specs

    Cooling BTUs
    Cooling Amps
    10.6 / 10.9
    Cooling Watts
    2505 / 2527
    Includes Heat Mode
    Heat Type
    Heat Pump with Back-Up Electric
    Heat Pump BTUs
    Heat Pump Heating Amps
    9.4 / 8.5
    Heat Pump Heating Watts
    510 / 700
    Energy Star
    Vent Location
    Ducted Into Room
    Room Size Coverage
    Extra Large 800+ Sq. Ft.
    Energy Saver Mode
    Control Type
    24 Hour ON/OFF Timer
    Remote Control
    Fresh Air Intake
    Sleep Mode
    Sleeve Required for Install
    Overall Width (in.)
    23 "
    Overall Depth (in.)
    23 "
    Overall Height (in.)
    47 "
    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    1 Year
    Labor Warranty
    1 Year
    Compressor Warranty
    5 Years
  • Manuals and Guides

  • Electric Heat Data

    Electric Heat Data: VHA24K25 VHA24K34 VHA24K50 VHA24K75 VHA24K10
    Watts: 2500/2050 3400/2780 5000/4090 7500/6135 10000/8180
    BTUs: 8500/7000 11600/9500 17000/13900 25598/20939 34130/27918
    Heating Amps: 10.9/9.9 14.8/13.4 21.7/19.7 32.6/29.5 43.5/39.3
    Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 17.2/15.9 22.1/20.3 30.7/28.1 44.3/40.3 57.9/52.7
    Branch Circuit Fuse (Amps): 25 25 30 45 60
    Basic Heater Size: 2.5 Kw 3.4 Kw 5.0 Kw 7.5 Kw 10.0 Kw
    Heat Pump Data:

    BTUs: 20000 / 20000
    Amps: 9.4 / 8.5