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Panasonic CU-4E24RBU-5 24,000 BTU, 2 Ton Configurable Quad-Zone Mini Split - Energy Star

Panasonic Panasonic
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Not Purchasable: Option Select 1st Indoor Unit is required. Option Select 2nd Indoor Unit is required.

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  • Description

    Panasonic 4-Zone Mini Split now has heating capabilities down to -5°F, making it a great option for much of the US.

    Panasonic's 4 Zone Mini Split System offers you the advantage of a single system that is connectable for up to 4 indoor units. That is from 2 up to 4 individual temperature controlled rooms without duct work! Panasonic's innovative technology enables high energy saving performance with SEER ratings of 22 and an HSPF rating of 9.5 - for more efficient operation than ever before. Because each room operates independently, you can customize your BTUs for each space. Panasonic offers Indoor units ranging from 5500 BTUs for smaller rooms, up to 18,000 BTUs for larger rooms. When the CU-4E24RBU-5 is installed with non-ducted indoor units, it is an Energy Star Qualified system!

    With the Panasonic System 4 Multi-Zone, long piping length flexibility is also featured. The maximum total length is 230 feet with a maximum length of 82 feet for a single indoor unit The maximum height difference is 49 feet. With the flexibility of long piping lengths, this system can be installed in virtually any building design.

    Of course the system also includes Panasonic's inverter technology - providing superb comfort, precise control and extremely efficient operation by constantly adjusting the power supply frequency. The result is speedy, flexible operation that uses less electricity. The inverter constantly adjusts the compressor rotation speed to provide optimum performance at all times. Once the set temperature is achieved, the inverter air conditioner continues to operate with minimum power. Switching from the cooling mode to the heating mode is done easily with the simple push of a button on the remote!

    And talk about reliability, with its low ambient heating capability, you will never be cold - heating is possible even if the temperature outside falls as low as -5°F.

    The CU-4E24RBU-5 Quad-Zone is rated for 24,000 BTU Cooling Capacity and must be connected to at least two / maximum four indoor units. The combined BTU ratings of the units chosen can total up to a maximum connected BTU rating of 30,600 BTUs.

    The following units are compatible with this system:
    • Indoor Wall Units all feature ECONAVI Technology, Whisper Quiet operation, 24hr timer, night setback, automatic louvers and include a hand held remote. A wired wall controller, CZ-RD516C-1, (sold separately) is also available. Available units includeCS-ME5RKUA - 5,500 BTU Cooling / 8,900 BTU Heating; CS-ME7RKUA - 6,900 BTU Cooling / 10,900 BTU Heating; CS-E9RKUAW - 9,000 BTU Cooling / 12,000 BTU Heating, CS-E12RKUAW - 11,500 BTU Cooling / 13,800 BTU Heating; CS-E18RKUAW - 17,200 BTU Cooling / 21,600 BTU Heating.
    • 4 Way Ceiling Cassettes all include the decorative Grille and the units all feature ECONAVI Technology as well as five fan speeds, night set back, fresh air intake, quiet mode and a wireless remote with easy to read LCD display. A wired wall controller, CZ-RD52CU, (sold separately) is also available. The following units are available: CS-ME9SB4U - 8,600 BTU Cooling / 12,300 BTU Heating; CS-E12RB4UW - 10,900 BTU Cooling / 13,600 BTU Heating; CS-E18RB4UW - 17,100 BTU Cooling / 20,400 BTU Heating.
    • Ducted Ceiling Units are the newest type of indoor units to be included in the Panasonic line-up. These low profile units can be installed in the ceiling or in the floor and are hidden from view. These units also feature 5 fan speeds, 24 hour timer and dry mode as well as a wireless remote. A wired wall controller, CZ-RD52DU, (sold separately) is also available. Unit range from 5,500 BTUs up to 17,200 BTUs and include: CS-ME5SD3UA - 5,500 BTU Cooling / 8,900 BTU Heating; CS-ME7SD3UA - 6,900 BTU Cooling / 10,900 BTU Heating; CS-E9SD3UAW - 9,000 BTU Cooling / 12,000 BTU Heating; CS-E12SD3UAW - 11,500 BTU Cooling / 13,800 BTU Heating; CS-E18SD3UAW - 17,200 BTU Cooling / 20,800 BTU Heating.
    3 Zone Installation
    Above is an example of a 4-zone installation

    At least two indoor units MUST be connected to the CU-4E24RBU-5 compressor. Nominal Capacity range of connectable indoor units must be from 15,300 BTUs ~ 30,600
    BTUs. Please note that a 2 unit configuration CANNOT include a combination of two CS-ME7RKUA units or less as this would be less than the minimum of 15,300 BTUs of nominal capacity. Please double check your configurations before placing your order.

    Feel free to call Customer Service at 877 - 847 - 0050 for ANY questions regarding the purchase of this unit.

    This unit must be installed by a qualified licensed HVAC technician. Manufacturer covers parts only under warranty. Installer is responsible for labor warranty.

    Item replaces CU-4E24RBU.

    Looking for a qualified installer? Allow Preferred Contractor to help. Preferred Contractor has a nationwide network of trained mini split installers. Click here to fill out the form and get started. An HVAC expert will contact you to learn about your needs and get a quote for you whether you have already purchased the equipment or are just starting to research.

  • Tech Specs

    Number of Zones
    Maximum Number of Indoor Units
    SEER (non-ducted indoor units)
    SEER (ducted indoor units)
    Energy Star
    Cooling Amps
    9.9 / 8.9
    Cooling BTUs
    Includes Heat Pump
    Heat Pump BTUs
    Heat Pump Heating Amps
    15.3 / 13.9
    HSPF (non-ducted)
    Outdoor Unit Noise Level (dBA)
    Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
    Operating Range - Cooling
    14°F - 114°F
    Operating Range - Heating
    -5°F - 75°F
    Min. Outdoor Temp for Heat °F
    Inverter Technology
    Pipe Length (No Addl Refr Req)
    Max. Pipe Length/Zone (ft.)
    82 ft per unit (229 Total)
    Outdoor Unit Width (in.)
    37.031 "
    Outdoor Unit Depth (in.)
    13.406 "
    Outdoor Unit Height (in.)
    39.344 "
    Outdoor Unit Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    5 Years
    Compressor Warranty
    7 Years
    Labor Warranty
  • Manuals and Guides

  • Warranty

    Warranty Information

    • Parts: 5 Years
    • Compressor: 7 Years
    • Labor: None

    The warranty for this unit is for parts only, and does not cover labor or diagnostic services. Total Home Supply will handle all warranty parts requests for any mini split purchased from us, but installation and all troubleshooting for this unit must be performed by a licensed HVAC technician. Any fees the technician may charge are not reimbursable by the manufacturer or by Total Home Supply. Please call 877-847-0050 for more details or with any questions you may have regarding warranty information and installation of this unit.