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Prestyl PRUD2020-120 19.5" x 19.5" 120V Flat Panel Under Desk Infrared Heater

Prestyl Prestyl
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  • Description

    Prestyl Flat Panel Infrared Heaters. All you really want from a heater is to provide heat, and to provide it as efficiently as possible. What you don't want from a heater is for it to take up any more space than necessary. And if doesn't look too industrial, well that's even better. Unfortunately that combinations has not been easy to find, until now.

    Prestyl has manufactured a heating design with style as well as efficiency. The Prestyl Flat Panel Radiant Electric Heaters will look great and heat your room with great efficiency. Prestyl flat panel heaters can be used in both residential and commercial applications and work by just plugging into an appropriate outlet.

    With no moving parts, the heaters work silently and are made completely with recyclable materials. Ecologically sound, these heaters are expected to have a lifespan of upwards of fifty years, and they are made in the USA.

    No more thermostat wars at the office. Prestyl offers an under the desk solution for individual comfort in one of the hardest places to please everyone - the office! While many companies offer, or allow employees to bring in, space heaters, these can be expensive to run are are often not the best solution.

    At 120 Volts, this Prestyl heater can be plugged in or hard-wired and fits nicely under your desk. This heater is 100% efficient, warming your legs and feet, as well as the floor below and around your desk or work area. It operates silently and does not take up extra leg space. It will sit virtually flush against the far end of the underneath area of your desk or directly under the desktop, radiating down and out.


    • 19.5" x 19.5" heating panel in white
    • Utilizes thin film technology and advanced infrared energy for efficient heating and easy application
    • Energy can be stored at night and released during the day, saving on utility costs
    • Designed specifically for under the desk applications
    • Uses for Prestyl infrared panels include: Residential applications, commercial buildings, industrial complexes, places of worship, recreational vehicles, hospitals and much more
    • Heats silently
    • Causes no air convection or dust circulation: Great for allergy sufferers
    • Safe to touch: Operating temperature around 200°, which is deemed safe by the regulating agencies
    • No plumbing or air ducts required, just plug into a regular outlet
    • Prevents moisture build-up, eliminating mold.
    • Ecologically Sound: Made with recyclable materials and product is 99% recyclable at the end of its life cycle
    • Basic options for controlling the heat with an AC wall plug:
    • Plug in the panel when you want heat and unplug when finished
    • Have panel plug into wall outlet controlled by wall switch
    • Timer plugged into wall outlet with panel plugged into timer
    • Wall outlet thermostat with panel plugged into thermostat
    • For Ceiling Mounting:
      • Follow system diagram and calculator to make sure you have the correct number of panels and relay to complete the installation.
      • Install the electrical wiring and relay according to the system diagram and your local building codes.
      • Placement of the thermostat is the same as your traditional heating. You may want to install all the relay in a din box for safety and ease of maintenance.
      • When installing the panels in drop down ceiling make sure you secure the panels as per local building codes.
      • When mount panels out of a drop down ceiling use the brackets shipped with the panels for wall mounting or secure properly any panel suspended from the ceiling via wire or cable.
    • Benefits of Infrared Heating
      • Infrared energy is the healthiest and most efficient way to heat your indoor space. Equipped with a technology that works very much like the warmth of the sun, infrared energy heats surfaces such as floors, walls, and other objects contained within a given interior, not just the air surrounding them. Because infrared technology works to heat actual objects and not just the air within a particular space, heat does not escape when doors or windows are open, but remains contained and conserved throughout the room. Your home feels comfortably warm throughout the entire day, with no wasted energy.
  • Tech Specs

    Electric Heating Watts
    Type of Heat
    Not Available
    Not Available
    Tip-Over Safety Switch
    Plug Face (NEMA)
    Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
    Width (in.)
    19.5 "
    Height (in.)
    19.5 "
    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Warranty Detail
    Five (5) years from date of purchase with valid dated receipt or other acceptable proof of purchase
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