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Modine PDP175 175,000 BTU Vertical Powered Vented Unit NG Heater 115V

Modine Modine
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Product Code:MODINE-PDP175
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  • Description

    Featuring 80% thermal efficiency, these unit heaters use a collector box and power exhauster for maximum seasonal efficiency. Unit can be used vertically or horizontally and the exhaust can be rotated a full 180°. These units are designed to use the smallest diameter vent pipe possible. Included is an intermittent pilot-ignition, 100% shut off, automatic restart and field conversion is an option from natural gas to liquid propane.
    • Single Stage Gas Valve
    • Continuous Restart: The system will attempt to light the pilot for 70 seconds. If the pilot is not sensed for any reason, the ignition control will wait for approximately six minutes with the combination gas control closed and no spark. After six minutes, the cycle will begin again. After three cycles, some ignition controllers lockout for approximately one hour before the cycle begins again. This will continue indefinitely until the pilot flame is sensed or power is interrupted to the system
    • Time Delay Relay: Allows the gas controls to operate for approximately 30 to 90 seconds before the blower starts. This allows the heat exchanger a warm up period so that the initial delivered air is not cool. The time delay relay also keeps the motor running for approximately 30 - 90 seconds after the call for heat has been satisfied to remove the residual heat from the heat exchanger.
    • Low Voltage Terminal Board
    • Control Step Down Transformer
    • High Limit Switch
    • Pressure Switch: A automatic reset vent pressure switch is supplied on all power vented unit heaters to prevent operation of the main burner in the event there is restricted venting of flue products. After the cause of the restriction has been corrected, the pressure switch will reset automatically
  • Tech Specs

    Heating BTUs
    Heating BTUs (Output)
    Type of Venting
    B-Vent (Atmospheric Vent)
    Thermal Efficiency
    Not Available
    Vent Connection Size (in.)
    5 "
    Gas Connection Size
    Ignition Type
    Electronic Ignition
    Clearance to Side Wall (in.)
    1 "
    Clearance Top to Ceiling (in.)
    4 "
    Clearance Bottom to Floor
    Clearance Access Door Side
    Width (in.)
    23.5 "
    Depth (in.)
    22 "
    Height (in.)
    35.25 "
    Net Weight (lbs.)
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