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General Electric AZ91H12D5C 12000 BTU Zoneline VTAC with Heat Pump, 5.0 kW Electric Heat, 30 Amp, 208/230 Volt

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  • Description

    The GE Zoneline Vertical Packaged Terminal Heat Pump, also referred to as VTAC, has excellent COP (Coefficient of Performance) ratings. This is the measurement of the efficiency of the heat pump output compared to electric resistance heat. In addition to comparing heat pump output versus electric heat, this number also allows a direct comparison to other heat pumps with the same range capacity. The AZ91H12D5C features a COP of 3.0.

    The GE AZ91H12D5C Zoneline Vertical Air Conditioner or ZVAC features a 10900 / 11100 BTUs heat pump and includes a 5.0 kW electric heater and 30 amp power cord. It offers 12000 / 12200 BTUs cooling capacity. It is also equipped with 3 fan speeds and will cool a space that is about 550 sq. ft. The heat pump incorporates a two stage heat/one stage cooling thermostat that utilizes the resistance heat to bring the room temperature to within 2 degrees of the thermostat set point before initiating the heat pump operation. This helps bring the room up to temperature quickly and allowing for warmer air to be discharged when the heat pump kicks in. The VTAC uses a wall mounted thermostat and has a top air discharge that can be ducted into one or more rooms - perfect for suite set-ups.

    Similar to central heating systems, the GE Zoneline VTAC incorporates the use of a reverse cycle defrost system. This allows the heat pump to operate at lower outdoor temperatures without frost accumulation on the outdoor coil. This helps provide owners with a cost efficient method of heating. Additionally, the outdoor coils include a corrosion treatment for added protection from the elements.

    Because the unit is concealed in a closet, with an outside wall rather than out in the open, a GE Vertical Air Conditioner (VTAC or Vertical PTAC) helps you to optimize the floor space you are trying to heat and cool. With hidden installation, the room becomes more aesthetically appealing, giving it more of an at-home appearance, with no limitations on furniture placement or window treatment installation.

    Although the VTAC is still a through-the-wall installation, its footprint is only about 24" x 24" and it is hidden inside an enclosure which looks like a closet, versus a standard PTAC unit which is installed in the room taking up over 42" of floor space.

    Standard features found on the Zoneline Vertical Air Conditioners include:
    • Universal Heaters
    • Solid State Thermostat
    • Automatic Indoor Frost Control
    • "Smart Fan" Fan Cycle Control
    • Freeze Sentinel
    • Heat Sentinel (85°F)
    • Auto Power Recovery
    • Remote Control Disconnect Kit
    • Weather Protected Electrical Components
    • Heat Pump with Resistance Heat Backup
    • Heat Pump with Supplemental Resistance Heat
    • Automatic Emergency Heat
    • Electric Resistance Heat Lockout
    • Heat Pump Defrost System
    • Quick Heat Recovery
    • DC Indoor and Outdoor Motors
    This item replaces the AZ85H12DAC Vertical Unit.
  • Tech Specs

    Cooling BTUs
    Cooling Amps
    5.9 / 5.7
    Cooling Watts
    1200 / 1220
    Dehumidification (pts/hr)
    Includes Heat Mode
    Heat Type
    Heat Pump with Back-Up Electric
    Electric Heating BTUs
    Electric Heating Watts
    1050 / 1075
    Heat Pump BTUs
    Heat Pump Heating Amps
    5.3 / 5.0
    Heat Pump Heating Watts
    935 / 950
    420 / 450 (L / H)
    Energy Star
    Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
    Vent Location
    Ducted into room
    Room Size Coverage
    Medium 300 - 525 Sq. Ft.
    Fan Speeds
    Energy Saver Mode
    Control Type
    24 Hour ON/OFF Timer
    Remote Control
    Fresh Air Intake
    Sleep Mode
    Sleeve Required for Install
    Overall Width (in.)
    23.125 "
    Overall Depth (in.)
    23.125 "
    Overall Height (in.)
    32.25 "
    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    1 Year
    Labor Warranty
    1 Year
    Compressor Warranty
    5 Years
    Warranty Detail
    Warranty: Limited One Year Warranty, Limited Additional Four Year Sealed Refrigerating System Warranty and Limited 2nd - 5th Year Parts Warranty.
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