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Panasonic CS-E12RB4UW 10900 BTU 4-Way Recessed Ceiling Indoor Unit with EcoNavi - Grille Included

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  • Description


    This 4 Way Indoor Unit (evaporator) is mounted inside the room. This unit is a recessed ceiling unit (including the grille) and mounts in the ceiling. The indoor unit features a 4-way airflow design to send air in all directions. It can be installed in the center of a room using all 4 directional louvers or along a wall, giving you options of closing 1 or 2 louvers to achieve your best comfort option. Additionally, by closing 1 louver, a duct may be attached to provide air to another, separate area.

    The 4 way recessed ceiling cassette has also been uniquely designed to provide Whisper Quiet operation while delivering comfort throughout the room. Panasonic Ductless Split Systems offer whisper quiet operation, quality & reliability you can count on.

    Panasonic's inverter technology provides optimum power control and extremely efficient operation by changing the power supply frequency. The result is speedy, flexible operation that uses less electricity. The inverter constantly adjusts compressor rotation speed to provide optimum performance at all times. Once the set temperature is achieved, the inverter air conditioner continues to operate with minimum power.

    EcoNAvi with Intelligent Eco Sensors moderates the temperature in a room. EcoNavi senses when there is activity or lack of activity and adjusts accordingly, helping maximize energy efficiency and comfort levels.

    Features of this single zone unit include Microprocessor Controls, Wireless Remote, 5 Fan Speeds + Auto, 24 Hour Timer and a Washable, Anti-Microbial Filter. Included is the indoor ceiling unit (CS-E12RB4UW), grille cover (CZ-BT20U).
    • Microprocessor-Controlled Operation - ensures that the temperature and humidity levels in the room are comfortable
    • Wireless Remote - easy-to-read LCD display, adjust and set temperature, sweep (lover control), fan speeds, timer and more
    • Self-Diagnosing Function
    • Dry Mode - air is efficiently dehumidified
    • 5 Fan Speeds and Automatic Fan - convenient microprocessor control automatically adjusts fan speed to High, Medium or Low. According to room temperature, to maintain a comfortable airflow
    • Air Sweep Control - moves the louvers up and down directing air in a sweeping motion around the room
    • Louver Control - can be manually set to desired angle by remote control
    • Automatic Heating and Cooling Changeover - it the room temperature is higher than the set temperature, cooling operations begins. If the room temperature is lower than the set temperature, heating operation begins.
    • Night Setback Mode for Cooling and Heating - in Cooling and Dry Mode the Air conditioner automatically raises the set temperatur 2 degrees after 30 minutes and then another 2 degrees after the 30 minutes. In Heating mode the temperature is automatically lowered 4 degrees after 30 minutes and then another 4 degrees after the next 30 minutes.
    • Hot Start Heating System - prevents any cold blasts at the beginning while the heat pump is warming up
    • 24 Hour Clock with ON/OFF Program Timer - the remote allow you to set a wide variety of timer-based operations.
    • 1 Hour OFF Timer - when button is pushed either while the unit is operating or while it is stopped, the unit will operate for 1 hour then switch off automatically
    • Auto Restart Function After Power Failure
    • Fresh Air Intake - Max. head 20 inches from the discharge of the indoor unit. Condensation pump is only for allowing drain line to meet minimum gravity flow requirements
    • Branch Extension
    • Built-In Drain Pipe
    • Electric Expansion Valve - circulation volume of refrigerant is controlled by a pulse type control valve
    • R410 Refrigerant
    • Quiet Mode - low fan speed for extra quiet operation
    The CS-E12RB4UW can be used as part of a single zone system or the Panasonic 5 Zone Multi-Zone System.

    Unit must be installed by a qualified licensed HVAC technician. Manufacturer covers parts only under warranty. Installer is responsible for labor warranty.

    This item replaces the Panasonic CS-KE12NK1 and CS-MKE12NB4UW Indoor Units and CZ-18BT1U grille.
  • Tech Specs

    Indoor Unit Type
    Ceiling Cassette
    Cooling BTUs
    Cooling BTU Output Range
    6100 - 13000
    Dehumidification (pts/hr)
    400 / 370 / 310 / 260 / 240 (SH / H / M / L / QL)
    Fan Speeds
    Room Size Coverage
    Medium 300 - 525 Sq. Ft.
    Min. Indoor Noise Level (dBA)
    Indoor Noise Level (dBA)
    33 / 28 / 25 (H / M / L)
    Control Type
    Hand Held Remote
    Wired Thermostat Optional
    Line Set Liquid Line
    Line Set Suction Line
    Width (in.)
    22.955 "
    Depth (in.)
    22.955 "
    Height (in.)
    10.25 "
    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    5 Years
    Labor Warranty
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