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GE AZ65H12DAC 12,000 BTU Class Zoneline PTAC Air Conditioner with Heat Pump and Corrosion Protection - Power Cord Included

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Product Code:GE-AZ65H12DAC
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Not Purchasable: Option Power Supply Cord is required.

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  • Description

    For your convenience, we are including a required power cord of your choice with this unit. Your choice includes either a standard power cord or a hardwire kit. Each are available in 15 amp, 20 amp or 30 amp.

    ​With their new line of Zoneline PTAC units, GE has made significant improvements to their long-trusted product, both inside and out. Zoneline PTACs feature the same case dimensions as earlier models, but with a shallower front for more usable space and an overall sleeker appearance. On the inside, special Premium Guard coatings provide protection against corrosion, to keep every part running better and longer even in challenging environments such as high-humidity areas and oceanfront properties. When the unit does need to be serviced, however, a redesigned internal structure makes the process easier and faster than ever before, providing a service diagnostics report to help technicians identify problems and a ‘quick connect’ feature that allows thermostat, central desk control, and external fan set-up in just seconds.

    Two DC fan motors work to reduce noise by dialing in the exact airflow needed for each heating and cooling function. A large cross-flow barrier optimizes airflow for a low, balanced sound that is hardly noticeable, while a heavy-duty, baked-on mastic barrier covers the back of the unit for superior sound insulation. In fact, with a sound transmission class of 29, GE’s Zoneline units are the quietest PTACs on the market at reducing outside noise when compared to leading competitors. A weather barrier system seal around the perimeter of the unit keeps all noise and dirt outside, ensuring a better and more comfortable environment while the PTAC is in use.

    GE Zoneline heat pump PTACs are more efficient than most other leading competitors in their class, cutting any building or establishment’s monthly energy costs significantly. Every unit is programmed to balance comfort with efficient operation, and a reverse cycle defrost feature increases this efficiency by allowing the unit to run in heat pump mode longer. Specially designed heat & freeze sentinels work to prevent damage caused by overheating or freezing, prolonging the life of the unit and adding to even more energy savings in the long run.

    This item replaces GE AZ61H12DAC.
    • New, lighter color and sleeker appearance
    • Easy-to-use electronic touch controls with clear LED readout provide a user-friendly experience
    • Compatible with a wide variety of thermostats and energy management systems, including central desk control
    • Premium Guard corrosion protection ensures lasting performance in challenging environments such as oceanfront properties
    • Cross-flow blower, two DC fan motors, and 'smart fan' cooling and heating keep the unit quiet and efficient
    • Reverse cycle defrost prolongs heat pump operation, saving energy and money
    • Backup resistance heat delivers quick heating comfort
    • Rust-proof base pan comes standard on all models
    • Automatic indoor frost control
    • Quick heat recovery
    • 3-stage heating design
    • Random twist/length segment tangential blower
    • Weather protected electrical components
    • Weather barrier system seal
    • Electronic, 7-step temperature limiting
    • Heat & freeze sentinels
    • Reversible louver style
    • Slide-in chassis
    • Fan speed control with fan cycle switch
    • Auto power recovery
    • 60 - 85 F temperature range
    • Rigid frame, slide-out filter
    • 3-position manual vent control
    • 2-position discharge grille
    • R-410A refrigerant
    New installation requires a power cord, sleeve and a rear grille. Sleeve and grille are not included with the air conditioner (sold separately).
  • Tech Specs

    Cooling BTUs
    Cooling Amps
    Cooling Watts
    Dehumidification (pts/hr)
    Includes Heat Mode
    Heat Type
    Heat Pump with Back-Up Electric
    Heat Pump BTUs
    Heat Pump Heating Amps
    Heat Pump Heating Watts
    370 / 284 (H/L)
    Energy Star
    Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
    Vent Location
    Front Top
    Room Size Coverage
    Medium 300 - 525 Sq. Ft.
    Fan Speeds
    Energy Saver Mode
    Control Type
    24 Hour ON/OFF Timer
    Remote Control
    Fresh Air Intake
    Filter Access
    Rigid Frame; Slide-Out
    Sleep Mode
    Sleeve Required for Install
    Fits Sleeve Size (in.)
    42 "
    Overall Width (in.)
    42 "
    Overall Depth (in.)
    20.375 "
    Overall Height (in.)
    16 "
    Type of Through-the-Wall
    42" PTAC
    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    1 Year
    Labor Warranty
    1 Year
    Compressor Warranty
    5 Years
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