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GenTent GT10KXKI 10K XKI Stormbracer Running Cover for 1000W to 3000W Inverter Generators

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    WeatherProof Your Power™ with the Patented GenTent® 10k Stormbracer® for Inverter Generators 1000 - 3000 Watts

    A major problem with portable generators is the fact that they should not get wet or be run indoors! This can put you in quite a predicament since generators are most often used during heavy rain or snowstorms. The GenTent's line of generator covers offer a simple, straightforward solution, and work to protect your generator so that it can be safely used at the times you need it most.

    With a GenTent 10K Stormbracer XKi mounting kit, your 1000 - 3000 Watt inverter generator stays covered at all times so it can stay outside and is ready to hook up and switch on as soon as the power goes out. With a GenTent Stormbracer, you never need to remove any part of the cover. There is a large door flap that opens for easy access to the fuel tank and the protective side aprons give you easy access to the electrical panel, while the frame and cover maintainthe generators natural air flow and intake. The GenTent GT10K XKi Stormbracer cover is made for use with fully encased or inverter generators with a total perimeter of less than 76". Inverter generators of this size are typically between 1,000 and 3,000 Watts. The GT10K XKi cover has been lab tested to withstand winds up to 70 mph, snow loads of up to 18" and rain up to 12" a day. With ratings like this, there is no need to store your generator in a garage or shed, no more having to pull it out or run it indoors (which should never happen!). Avoid possible catastrophes like CO poisoning, electrocution or generator damage with a GenTent Stormbracer cover!

    No Tools Are Required to set up your GenTent Package. Included with your purchase is setup instructions and product safety manual, links to detailed, step by step setup videos, and free post installation follow-up - just send photos to GenTent. Everything you need is included in your package, regardless of the edition you choose:
    • Strap It - Kevlar ratchet strap system which includes 78" strap, four corner connectors, eight extender arms and sixteen rubber feet
    • Frame It - High strength dual catalyst fiberglass frame rods and central connector
    • Cover It - Main generator tent canopy cover with short side and long side electrical covering aprons. Simply match the appropriate apron length electrical panel side with 6" wrap-arounds

    The GT10K XKi generator tent can be used with several brands of inverter generators including but not limited to:
    • Briggs & Stratton P2000 and P2200
    • Buffalo Tools Gen1100 and Gen1850
    • Cabelas IK-523037, IK-523966, IK-524423, IK-525501, and IK-531105
    • Coleman PC0401850, PC0401851, PC0401853, and PC0401856
    • Generac iq2000, ix800, ix1400, ix1600, and ix2000
    • Honda EU1000is, EU2000is, EU20i, EU3000i Handi

    Additionally, the GT10K XKi will fit many other brands and models of inverter generators that are 1000 - 3000 Watts. If your model is not listed above, please feel free to call us and a sales person will be happy to assist you.

    Two editions of the GenTent Stormbracer are available in your choice of color. Available is the Standard Edition (assembled in the USA) and the Extreme Edition (made in the USA). Both are available in Tan Light with Black Trim or Grey Skies with Black Trim. Both editions include hardware components that are Made in the USA.

    The canopy on the Standard Edition is constructed of NFPA 701 FR rated vinyl laminated polyester and is rated from -15°F - 185°F (-25°C - 85°C), outdoor rated elastic and outdoor rated hook and loop. The canopy is covered by a 1 year limited warranty.
    • Standard Edition (1 yr Canopy/3 yr Hardware* Warranty):
      • Tan Light with Black Trim (GT10KXKITB)
      • Grey Skies with Black Trim (GT10KXKIGB)

    The canopy included with the Extreme Edition is constructed of NFPA 701 FR rated, UV treated, vinyl coated polyester and is rated from -45°F - 185°F (-45°C - 85°C), outdoor rated Gore elastic and genuine Velcro hook and loop. The canopy is covered by a 3 year limited warranty.
    • Extreme Edition (3 yr Warranty):
      • Tan Light with Black Trim (GT10KZKITB)
      • Grey Skies with Black Trim (GT10KZKIGB)

    *Hardware Components are all Made in the USA and carry a 3 year warranty regardless of your choice of Standard Edition or Extreme Edition Canopy. Components include the Angle Braces and Extension Arms, Foot Grommets, Ratchet, Kevlar Strap, Fiberglass Rods.

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