Goodman TX2N4A 1.5 or 2 Ton Air Conditioner TXV Valve Kit

Goodman Goodman
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  • Description

    The Goodman TX2N4A Valve Kit is a Thermal Expansion Valve used in AC systems to help regulate the refrigerant flow into the evaporator. It will help your system operate with greater precision. It is a non-bleed TXV for use on 1.5 - 2.0 ton units. The Goodman TX2N4A Valve Kit is for use with several Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and Evaporator Coils.
    • Goodman Air Conditioner models include:
      • GSX13018E
      • GSX14018/19, GSX14024/25
      • DSXC16024
    • Goodman Air Conditioner Heat Pump models include:
      • GSZ140181, GSZ140241
      • GSZ16018, GSZ16024
      • DSZC16024
    • Goodman Evaporator Coil models include 1.5 - 2 ton Non-TXV Coils.
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