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Honeywell TH8732WF5018 Lyric WiFi Thermostat

Honeywell Honeywell
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  • Description

    Comfort made simple. With the Lyric Thermostat by Honeywell, your thermostat will adapt to you and your life - a round thermostat with no learning curve, no rigid scheduling, just comfort and control at your fingertips where ever you are. 

    With your Lyric thermostat everything you thought you knew about temperature control has changed. Whether you are home, in the airport, leaving work early or at a sporting event, your comfort control is at your fingertips. Simply log into the Lyric App and adjust whatever you need to adjust! All schedules can be changed on the fly so your house is warm or cool when you arrive...Perfect, now only if it did the cooking too!

    You can also adjust the thermostat manually by turning the body to change the temperature but it is all about the Smart Device Connectivity with the Lyric Thermostat by Honeywell.
    The contemporary look of the Honeywell Lyric will look great where ever your thermostat needs to be installed. It is only 3" in diameter and stands only 1" off the wall. The large, clear display operates off a motion detector and is only visible as you approach the unit and will not be visible at all other times.
    Other standard features include: 
    • Simplified touchscreen interface
    • User-friendly iconography
    • Fine Tune Technology takes the indoor temperature, the outdoor temperature and the humidity to help make sure your comfort level is where you want it - 72 degrees will feel like 72 degrees
    • Shortcuts create custom settings for recurring events
    Unique features for the Lyric also include:
    • Geofencing - As long as your smartphone leaves the house with you, Geofencing will know you have left the house and adjust accordingly. Set a boundary and enable geofencing. Once you re-enter your set "geofence" boundary, the Lyric thermostat will automatically adjust, so your home will be the right temperature when you arrive. There are 2 boundary settings for Geofencing - a 7 mile radius and a 500 foot radius. And you can add multiple users to your account so your system will only switch modes if the house is really empty.
    • Alerts - the Lyric TH8732WF5018 thermostat will send alerts directly to your phone in case of extreme temperature or irregularities in your heating and cooling system. For example if the humidity levels are extremely high, using the Fine Tune feature will compensate to help keep you comfortable. The thermostat will also monitor your system to ensure you don't get any unwanted surprises like a winter furnace failure.

    The Lyric thermostat is not compatible with your current thermostat if it has thick wires connected with wire nuts or if your system is 110 volt or higher. Lyric will not work with line voltage system. The Lyric App is available for iOS 6 or above and Android 2.3 or above platforms including smartphones and tablets

    There are many applications where the Lyric can be used. Listed below is an easy to follow COMPATIBILITY CHART  for 24 Volt Heating and Air Conditioning Systems:
    • Single Stage Heating and Cooling: Yes
    • Multistage Heating and Cooling: Yes
    • Heating Only: Yes
    • Cooling Only: Yes
    • Furnace (Warm Air): Yes
    • Central Air Conditioning: Yes
    • Heat Pump without Auxiliary Heat: Yes
    • Heat Pump with Auxiliary Heat: Yes
    • Dual Fuel: Yes
    • Hot Water: Yes
    • Steam or Gravity: Yes
    • Gas Fireplaces (24 Volts): Yes
    • Humidifier, Dehumidifier or Ventilator: Yes
    Non-Compatible Appliances:
    • Electric Baseboard Heat (120-240 Volts): No
    • 750 Millivolt: No
    • C-Wire Required: No
  • Tech Specs

    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Control Type
    Use with Heat Pump
    Use with Gas/Oil
    Use with Electric Furnace
    Backlit Display
    Auto Changeover
    WiFi Ready
    Width (in.)
    3.78 "
    Depth (in.)
    0.79 "