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  Samsung AQV18VBE Vivace 18000 BTU 1 1/2 Ton Mini Split Air Conditioner

Samsung AQV18VBE Vivace 18000 BTU Single Zone Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split Air Conditioner System
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Availability: Discontinued
Product Code: SAMSUNG-AQV18VBE

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Samsung AQV18VBE Vivace 18000 BTU 1 1/2 Ton 16.0 SEER Single Zone Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split Air Conditioner System with Smart Inverter Technology Includes AQV18VBE Evaporator and AQV18VBEX Condenser. With Samsung's Vivace System, an attractive, slimline high wall unit featuring a mirror finish front panel, gives you an elegant, modern look to add to any room.

Featured on the Vivace Air Conditioning system is Samsung's Good Sleep Mode. Good Sleep Mode lets you fall asleep quickly and comfortably helping you to maintain the proper amount of deep sleep and balancing the amount of sleep you get in each sleep stage, by maintaining the perfect temperature. We all know there are various reasons we have for not being able to fall asleep quickly. With the Vivace Good Sleep Mode, you can help eliminate at least the temperature of your room as a reason. In the Falling Asleep Stage, fast cooling helps makes your body temperature balanced and thus helps you to get into a deep sleep quickly. The Sound Sleep stage helps you maintain a mean skin temperature at which you can feel more comfortable and therefore helps you to get continuous sleep. And finally, wake up refreshed with the Wake-Up Stage. This mode allows you to wake up refreshed with comfortable intermittent air.

The Micro Plasma Ion (MPI) System which produces fresh clean air and improves air quality by eliminating biological contaminants that threaten your health such as viruses, bacteria, mold and other allergy causing agents.The MPI system eliminates toxins that normal filters cannot trap, keeping you and your family protected from illness and disease. Plus you can be worry-free when it comes to allergy causing agents as will. The MPI system makes your home an allergy-free haven!

The AQV18VBE features a multi-step air purifying system including:
  • Silver-Coated Filter - The silver coating applied to the filter, serves to trap and removes dust particles.
  • Silver Nano Evaporator - The fins of the evaporator are triple coated to ensure efficient removal of condensation.
  • Deodorizing Filter - Activated carbon is incorporated into the filter, efficiently absorbing all odors.
  • Catechin Filter - Catechin (extracted from green tea) is contained in the filter and deactivates captured bacteria. Also helps control the cause of odors associated with bacterial growth.
  • Anti-Bacterial Cross Fan - Molded with an antibacterial formula to suppress the proliferation of molds and bacteria. Also helps in eliminating odors associated with bacterial growth.
  • MPI Generator - Uses Micro Plasma technology to silently produce and release Hydrogen Ions into the conditioned air delivered from the unit. MPI improves your indoor air quality by eliminating biological contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and allergy-causing agents that threaten your health.
Another feature of the Vivace mini-split system is Samsung's Smart Inverter Technology. This cutting edge compressor technology features high energy efficiency,powerful heating and cooling capacity, silent operation and reliable performance. The compressor can operate at different power levels. This will allow the air conditioner to save more energy than any other conventional models. With Smart Inverter Technology, when you first turn the system on, it goes to the maximum capacity to reach your set temperature. Once your desired temperature is reached, the system adjusts to offset any changes in the room composition - more people, fewer people, open or closed windows. Less temperature fluctuation means more comfort for you! But don't worry about changing your desired temperature - the instant you change the temperature, the Vivace goes to maximum capacity to reach your new set point quickly.

Talk about efficiency, this unit is extremely efficient featuring a SEER rating of 16.0. Its S-Inverter technology ensures you receive extreme power and eye-blinking speed while using the least amount of energy possible. Once your desired temperature is achieved, this unit goes into "economic" mode. Its S-Inverter allows the system to avoid the frequent switching on and off of the compressor found in other units, saving you money in energy costs. And because the Vivace operates at the lowest speed possible while still maintaining your temperature, it features low noise levels from the motor and compressor.

This complete single zone system includes a 18000 BTU indoor unit (AQV18VBE) and an outdoor compressor (AQV18VBEX).

Its crisp look allows the Vivace to blend into any decor, making it a great addition to any room. It features a shadow-mirror finish front panel. It also features an automatic moving panel, which, when in operation, opens and when not in operation, closes - blocking the inflow of dust so that dust does not sit on the filter.

Save, Save and Save with Samsung's Smart Inverter. When reducing energy costs with an air conditioner, an inverter is a must. Samsung’s S-Inverter technology lowers energy consumption by up to 50% compared to a conventional air conditioner. Its powerful and delicate features allow you to reach the desired temperature so there’s less fluctuation and less motor run-time, which translates to a quieter system and less wasted energy.

Comfortable Temperature - Samsung’s air conditioner works at maximum capacity on start-up. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, it adjusts to cope with any changes. This means less temperature fluctuations and assures you greater comfort, which can be achieved in minutes.

Up to 50% Energy Savings - After reaching the set temperature, the Air Conditioner changes its operation mode to ‘economic’. By avoiding inefficient and frequent switching on and off of the compressor, the Vivace saves up to 50% in energy consumption, compared to a non inverter air conditioner. The Air Conditioner is extremely efficient in saving energy and money.

Silence is Golden - Enjoy the silent operation of your air conditioner. The compressor works at a low speed to maintain the temperature resulting in a quieter motor and minimal fan noise assuring greater comfort and peace of mind.

Waterfall Heating Air Flow - The new Samsung air conditioners feature a wide-angle vane system. The wide-angle system can open the vanes to an angle of 90°. You can control the airflow direction vertically and horizontally, providing even distribution of air to anywhere in the room.

Auto Changeover - The Auto Changeover option automatically selects the operating mode (cooling or heating) according to the temperature setting. Thus, when a temperature is selected in the auto mode, the air conditioner heats and cools as required to maintain the set temperature.

  • Parts: 3 Years
  • Compressor: 5 Years
  • Labor: None

The warranty for this unit is for parts only, and does not cover labor or diagnostic services. Total Home Supply will handle all warranty parts requests for any mini split purchased from us, but installation and all troubleshooting for this unit must be performed by a licensed HVAC technician. Any fees the technician may charge are not reimbursable by the manufacturer or by Total Home Supply. Please call 877-847-0050 for more details or with any questions you may have regarding warranty information and installation of this unit.

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