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  LG LMU540HV Multi F Max 54,000 BTU Inverter System Compressor for 2 - 8 Indoor Units

LG Multi F Max 54,000 BTU Inverter System for 2 - 8 Indoor Units
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Due to the complexity of configurations available with the LMU540HV, please feel free to contact Customer Service at 1-877-847-0050 for any help in ordering this system.
Outdoor Unit Only $2,788.00

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The LG Multi-Zone LMU540HV Multi F Max Inverter Multi Zone 54,000 BTU Mini Split System with Heat Pump for 2 to 8 Indoor Units.

With LG's new Multi F Max Mini Split Heat Pump System, you can connect and operate up to 8 interior units giving you all of the advantages of central air for 8 rooms without any duct work. This innovative system is perfect for offices, retail establishments, new homes, renovations and retrofitting older homes.
Below is an installation example of the LG multi zone system. With the Multi F Max 54,000 BTU unit, you can supply anywhere from 2 to 8 rooms with their own climate control. The photo below illustrates an example of a 6 zone installation. This installation requires one outdoor unit (LMU540HV), a Y connector/branch, and two branch distribution boxes. The indoor units shown include 1 ceiling cassette, 2 standard high wall units, a mirrored art cool unit and 2 ducted concealed ceiling unit. Although neither the Art Cool Gallery Unit nor the Vertical Air Handler Unit are pictured below, each is available in 2 different sizes and available for use with the LMU540HV compressor. Of course, with the help of our sales staff, you can customize your indoor units to your requirements.

Each indoor unit has its own remote control, so each room can be set to different temperatures. The individual units are connected to a single exterior unit by way of 2 branch distribution boxes.

There are four branch distribution boxes available to help customize your installation. Each branch distribution unit is specific to the number of indoor units you will be using. There is a 2 unit (PMBD3620), offering two 24,000 BTU ports for a maximum of 48,000 BTU capacity. The 3 unit (PMBD3630), offers three 24,000 BTU ports for a maximum of 72,000 BTU capacity. And there are two options of 4 port units. The PMBD3640 offers four 24,000 BTU ports for a maximum of 73,000 BTU capacity and the PMBD3641 offers four ports including three 24,000 BTU ports and one 36,000 BTU port for a maximum of 73,000 BTU capacity. Depending on how many indoor units you will be installing, the correct size distribution unit needs to be installed. However, you do not need to use all the ports available at the time of your initial installation. If you think you will be adding additional indoor units in the future, you can "cap off" the unused ports on the branch distribution units until that later time.

When installing two branch distribution units, you will also need to install a "Y branch" (PMBL5620) to the line set to one of the branch distribution units.

The LMU540HV is rated at 54,000 BTUs and can be connected to almost any combination of indoor units up to 8, totaling 73,000 BTUs (max.). The unit must be connected to a minimum of 2 units with a combined BTU rating of 24,000 BTUs.

Because of the complexity of the components required for the
LMU540HV Multi F Max Mini Split System (up to 8 units allowable),
please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department.
They will make certain you have everything you need for installation of your system.
For purchase and help in configuring your custom system,
please contact Customer Service at 1-877-847-0050.

The Multi F Max System must be installed by a qualified, licensed HVAC technician. Manufacturer covers parts only under warranty. Installer is responsible for labor warranty.
Standard Wall Unit

LMN077HVT 7,000 BTUs

LSN090HSV4 9,000 BTUs

LSN120HSV4 12,000 BTUs

LMN157HVT 15,000 BTUs

LSN180HSV4 18,000 BTUs

LMN247HVT 24,000 BTUs

Art Cool Wall Unit

LMAN097HVT 9,000 BTUs

LMAN127HVT 12,000 BTUs

LMAN187HVT 18,000 BTUs

Art Cool Gallery Unit

LMAN097HVP 9,000 BTUs

LMAN127HVP 12,000 BTUs

Ceiling Cassette Unit

LMCN077HV 7,000 BTUs

LMCN097HV 9,000 BTUs

LMCN125HV 12,000 BTUs

LMCN185HV 18,000 BTUs

Ceiling Concealed Low Static Unit

LMDN095HV 9,000 BTUs

LMDN125HV 12,000 BTUs

LMDN185HV 18,000 BTUs

High Static Ducted Ceiling Unit

LMHN240HV 24,000 BTUs
LMHN360HV 36,000 BTUs
Vertical Air Handler Unit

LMVN240HV 24,000 BTUs

LMVN360HV 36,000 BTUs
Need help with your purchasing decision? We have an LG Certified Technical Service Advisor on staff to help you with any questions.
Standard features of the indoor unit include inverter technology, auto operation and auto restart. You can customize each room by choosing the indoor unit with the look you want. To view the individual features of the each of the indoor units, please follow the links above by clicking the type of unit you are interested in.

Inverter Technology:
inverter heat pump air conditioners use a variable speed compressor, rather than the constant speed found in conventional ACs. Instead of shutting off once the temperature is achieved, the inverter compressor continues to operate at a low speed to maintain the temperature. It is quieter to operate and uses less energy than conventional air conditioners.

Auto Operation (Artificial Intelligence): Provides three levels of comfort from which to choose. Temperature and fan speed will set automatically.

Auto Restart Operation:
Automatically restarts a unit to programmed setting when the electricity comes on after a power failure.

Each interior unit will include all installation hardware needed, a controller, batteries (if needed), holder and holder hardware (if needed).

  • Defrost/De-icing capabilities
  • Restart delay of three minutes
  • Self diagnosis capabilities
  • Soft start reduces power surges to electrical systems
  • Operates down to 14F in cooling mode
  • R410A refrigerant

Other optional accessories are available to help control conditions when used in a commercial application. These include:
  • Remote Temperature Sensor (PQRSTA0)
  • Dry Contact Unit with 1 contact point - 24 VAC external power (PQDSB1)
  • Dry Contact Unit with 2 inputs - power from indoor unit (PQDSBC)
  • Dry Contact Unit for third party thermostat (PQDSBNGCM1)

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