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  Samsung Mini 4 Way Ceiling Cassette Evaporator for Multi-Zone Use

Samsung Mini 4 Way Ceiling Cassette Evaporator for Multi-Zone Use
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Availability: Discontinued
Product Code: SAMSUNG-MINI-4-WAY

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Samsung Mini 4 Way Ceiling Cassette Evaporator for Multi-Zone Use. Samsung's 4 Way Ceiling Cassette System offers you flexible installation because of its slim, compact size. The indoor unit can be located to best suit your installation needs. It is compact enough to be installed on one standard 24" ceiling tile.

The Mini 4-Way cassette offers an elegant and harmonious design to go with any decor. And fresh cool or warm air can be discharged from the unit through 1, 2 or 4 sides. All functions are easily controlled via remote control. The 4-way cassette features a SEER rating of 15

Talk about efficiency, this unit is extremely efficient featuring a SEER rating of 15.5 for the 9,000 and 12,000 BTU units while the 18,000 BTU unit has a SEER of 16.

The Mini 4 Way Ceiling Cassette is available in a 9000 BTU unit (NJ030MHXCA), a 12000 BTU unit (NJ035MHXCA) and an 18000 BTU unit (NJ052MHXCA). Depending on the outdoor unit you choose - either the dual zone 24000 BTU unit (MH050FXCA2A) or the dual, tri or quad zone 36000 BTU unit (MH080FXCA4A), and the needs of your installation, these indoor units can be combined with each other or other available Samsung indoor units to give you the perfect atmosphere.

Because of its slim ceiling design, the system blends almost seamlessly into any room.
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Save, Save and Save with Samsung's Smart Inverter. When reducing energy costs with an air conditioner, an inverter is a must. Samsung’s S-Inverter technology lowers energy consumption by up to 50% compared to a conventional air conditioner. Its powerful and delicate features allow you to reach the desired temperature so there’s less fluctuation and less motor run-time, which translates to a quieter system and less wasted energy.

Comfortable Temperature - Samsung’s air conditioner works at maximum capacity on start-up. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, it adjusts to cope with any changes. This means less temperature fluctuations and assures you greater comfort, which can be achieved in minutes.

Up to 50% Energy Savings - After reaching the set temperature, the Air Conditioner changes its operation mode to ‘economic’. By avoiding inefficient and frequent switching on and off of the compressor, the slim duct system saves up to 50% in energy consumption, compared to a non inverter air conditioner. The Air Conditioner is extremely efficient in saving energy and money.

Silence is Golden - Enjoy the silent operation of your air conditioner. The compressor works at a low speed to maintain the temperature resulting in a quieter motor and minimal fan noise assuring greater comfort and peace of mind.

Efficient Cooling - Samsung has applied a patented 3-dimensional blade to provide equal speed to the cool air and boost up the airflow. This allows the airflow to spread further and wider in order to cover all corners of the space being cooled. With this newly designed blade, every bit of space will be filled with cool, refreshing air.

Ceiling Soil Prevention - The newly designed panel will control the air direction in order to avoid having contact with the ceiling. This will prevent the ceiling from becoming soiled and will ensure cleanliness for a long time after installation.