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AirMotion Sciences BSF15 15-foot High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan

AirMotion Sciences AirMotion Sciences
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    For efficient and comfortable air flow in big spaces, such as commercial or industrial warehouses, you need a big fan. The problem with moving air in such a large space is often the power required and the energy costs associated. AirMotion Sciences' high-volume, low-speed fans (HVLS) are specially designed to deliver efficient air flow throughout large spaces, from barns to warehouses, factories, and more, while ensuring consistently comfortable indoor air with as little energy as possible.

    At 15 feet wide, this HVLS fan features Variable Pitch Technology which allows you to change the pitch of the blades for optimum air movement for your needs. Blade pitch can be adjusted from 0° to 20°, up or down, for a narrower or more widely dispersed air flow. When you install three or more fans in the same facility, adjusting some fans' blades up and some down, creates an overall, wave-like air movement throughout the entire facility. Keeping the air moving and not stratifying. The pitch can be set manually as your needs and seasons change.

    The blades are lightweight, wider near the hub, narrower at the tip for consistent and effective air flow. A wall mounted control box provides easy operation of the fan. 5 modes including a Manual Mode to set the fan speed (20-120 RPM) and blade pitch angle (0° to 20° up or down), EcoMode - the fan is programmed to select the most energy efficient pitch for a user set speed, DeStrat Mode - turns on and off automatically when there is a pre-set temperature difference between the fan and the wall box control unit (or, the roof and floor level of the facility), Auto Mode - the fan selects the combination of optimal speed and pitch based on temperature differences, and runs automatically, and External Input Mode - the fans run by user specified external devices such as thermostats, timers, sensors, or other devices.
    • Number of Blades: 6 Rotatair Composite Blades
    • Motor: One 1.5 hp energy efficient motor
    • Fan Speed: 20 RPM (min) to 120 RPM (max)
    • Blade Pitch: Variable (VPT) 0° to 20° up/down
    • Cubic Feet Per Minute: 340,000 @ 90 RPM and 20° Pitch (actual CFM depends on the speed and pitch of operation)
    • Effective Coverage Area: Up to 20,000 sq. ft. or more (depending on speed and pitch)

    Available in 120V BSF15120 and 240V BSF15240

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