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RH Peterson Real-Fyre GLD-10 10 Pound Package of Fyre Nuggets

RH Peterson Real-Fyre RH Peterson Real-Fyre
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  • Description

    This 10 pound package of Diamond Nuggets in your choice of color. A ten pound package of nuggets is the recommended quantity to fill the burner pan of the standard 18 inch burner pan. Other applications may need more nuggets. See specific appliance for recommended quantity.

    Peterson DiamondNuggest are an affordable and safe way to replace gas logs to add a more contemporary look to your fireplace and it lasts a lifetime. Peterson Diamond Nuggets will not lose their beautiful jewel-tone color, shine or clarity. Choose your nuggets from a variety of colors.

    Fyre Glass Color Options:
    • Clear (GLD-10-C)
    • Emerald (GLD-10-E)
    • Lavender (GLD-10-L)
    • Rose (GLD-10-R)
    • Steel Blue (GLD-10-SB)
    Recommended Glass/Gem
    Quantities to Fill Burner Pan
    (Quantities may provide some
    excess glass to place around the
    burner and on the fireplace floor)

    Recommended Glass/Gem
    Quantities to Fill Fireplace
    (Listed are common fireplace
    floor sizes)
    Burner Size No. of 10 lb.

    Fireplace Area No. of 10 lb. Packages
    18 1
    400 sq. inches 2
    See-Thru 18
    540 sq. inches 3
    24 2
    690 sq. inches 4
    See-Thru 24

    713 sq. inches 4
    30 2
    828 sq. inches 5
    See-Thru 30

    1085 sq. inches

    1334 sq. inches 7

    Quantity recommendations vary on burner type and size as well as for the "fill-look" you are trying to achieve. Outdoor fire pits, fire tables and urns have specific requirements. Please check your installation manual for recommended quantities.

    Please check local codes and ordinances for permitted uses before installation.
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